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Psicología Profunda en México was founded by Sven Doehner, giving form to his vision of how Mexican culture could benefit from taking C.G. Jung´s “Analytic Psychology” and James Hillman´s “Archetypal Psychology” perspectives into account in their personal and professional lives.  These ways of looking at things were basically not known in México at that time.

His own search for an initiation in the “Jungian World”, begun in 1975, took a significant turn in 1978 when he “accidentally” met James Hillman in a Bookstore in Dallas, Texas. This allowed him to train in Jungian and Archetypal lore and practice in a parallel way.

By 1984, Sven had worked for a year with Dr. Douglas Puryear in Psychiatric Emergencies at Parkland Memorial Hospital, studied for five years at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, trained with Kubler-Ross in Hospice work, and found himself immersed the training program of the C.G. Jung Institute – Boston.

Collage Profound Psychology

Back in Mexico in the spring of 1991, Sven could not help but recognize that the energy and spirit of Mexico City was beckoning and begging for Jung´s discoveries, enriched by the practical wisdom of Archetypal Psychology, to be introduced into our culture, for our individual as well as collective well-being.

The impulse took shape and concrete form in the training programs that for many years brought different Junguian and Archetypal psychoanalysts to México to guide intensive week-end workshops to explore themes such as: Feminine, and then Masculine Initiations; Development of the Personality; the Meeting of Contraries, Personal, Cultural and Universal Mythologies; Abandonment, Betrayal, Hope; Transformation Rituals; Shamanism; and more. All this material is recorded and makes up our reservoir / library. >

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