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The therapeutic attention offered by “Depth Psychology in Mexico” focuses on working with moments of crisis or transition and the definition of life, so that the person can take advantage of the moment to release what no longer serves him, and thus open new possibilities in his life.

We start from a journey of true self-knowledge, in which the quest is to restore movements in the individual’s self in the four planes of his existence: body, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The psychotherapists who are part of “Depth Psychology in Mexico” share the interest, formation and commitment with the Archetypal and Somatic Jungian practice, as well as the commitment to seek profound transformations in the life of the individual.

Each of the therapists has their own background and experience, and is responsible for their own therapeutic work. In the same way, each person agrees with their particular therapist regarding their mutual commitment.

In order to offer the best possible care, please provide us with the following information: