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“If you still do not follow Sven Doehner and his Psicologia Profunda, you lose a big sage who has our time.”.

Diego Pernia

“I remember the first time I heard Sven Doehner say, “More than what you want out of life, what does it ask of you?” For me it was an inversion of the order in which I had thought the existential dilemmas. And I think that is what I have seen in Sven and in his proposal of what is Psicologia Profunda: The psyche deep, goes beyond the limits of the ego.
And, living according to this posture, is a challenge, is to stretch the skin to include more things.”

Yuriria Chávez

“Sven looks away and listens inside.”

Nidia García

“I have participated in several workshops of Sound Imagination and for me it is a really transformative experience, since in giving sound to the images I have found the sound of my being …
My authentic sound. Thanks Sven”.

Alicia Mendoza Morgan

“With you it is guarantee of quality.”

Margarita Cobo Ibarra

“For me Sven’s Psicologia Profunda is a philosophy of life that enriches everything I do personally and professionally. My process has not been easy, I have done a lot of internal work and thanks to Sven’s guidance I have managed to transform important things into my life.”

Aída Ortíz

“I highly recommend the experience of a workshop with Sven, it’s transforming.”

Tom Crockett