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Psicología Profunda en México is a fertile meeting place for those interested in both the theory and the practice of C.G. Jung´s “Analytical Psychology”, often blended with James Hillman´s “Archetypal Psychology”.

In addition to conserving and making available the wealth of original audio, audio-visual, and written material gathered over the past 27 years of sponsoring training programs, courses and workshops –often featuring well known Junguian and Archetypal psychoanalysts from the U.S., Europe, South America and Australia– we continue to tend to the spirit of Depth Psychology in Mexico by periodically sponsoring different courses, workshops and other experiential learning opportunities.

See our listing of Activities (and Calendar), which includes on-line offerings, at the service of self-discovery and the development of each individual´s unique gifts, both personal and transpersonal. The intention is to keep opening spaces and possibilities for transforming our relationship with ourselves, and with others. The intention is to make space for each person to find ways to participate more creatively, pro-actively and constructively in his or her life.

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Sven Doehner

Sven Doehner, PhD, MFA, is a Mexican born psychoanalyst trained in C.G Jung´s Analytic Psychology, by James Hillman in Archetypal Psychology, in Somatic Movement in the School of BodyMindMovement, with Native Spiritual Healers in North, Central and South America, and in Vocal Practices with notable Voice teachers in different parts of the world. At the same time, Sven has guided workshops and training programs since 1981, in Mexico, Europe, Australia, North and South America.

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You can also write us if you are interested in organizing a particular event in your own headquarters, in collaboration with Psicología Profunda en México.

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